Site Roadmap

Part 1

Initial site creation (Completed)

It is what it says; create the initial site and work from it. This allowing any information currently available to be made accessible.

Part 2

Upgrade! (Completed)

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Move from a rushed design to something more user friendly. Make the site responsive and easily accessible to users with different screen sizes, devices. (Added bonus, dark theme!! Note responsiveness still needs some work)

Part 3

Documents, PDF'S and new content

Add back documents and PDF'S - Skipped as it's not major since they're available on the forums. Then add in the new content suggested in the Trello board

Part 4

Better optimisation

Improve the smaller views for tablet, mobile and other resolutions.

Part 5

Home page content

Create homepage content or present the current links in a better way.